Tuesday, 25 June 2013

When It Gets Loud, I Turn it Up

Leopard spots, polka dots, zebra stripes, light florals and Aztec prints. Prints are bigger than ever this June/July and I couldn't be happier. I know everything thinks that when you have really loud (sometimes borderline obnoxious) prints they have to be the star of the show but move aside paisley print-- you have to share the spotlight with even more graphic prints, tie-dye and bold colours.
1) Polka Dot: a classic! You can do no wrong with them but instead of going the route of being super girly with a circle, lilac polka dot dress by pairing it with some bows and pastel shoes and cupcakes. Why not make things edgier with some bad biatch shoes, heavy accessories and a beanie with everyone's third favourite year on it?
2) Aztec/Tribal Prints: are also love. I know everyone already wears them in shorts but they're amazing. And you can find similar versions of that TopShop bag at Cotton On, Edgars and Factorie.
3) Jewel/Scarf Print: One of the most glamourous prints. No one did it like Dolce and Gabana last year and I'm so excited that they're making a comeback. There's a really lovely jewel print skater skirt from Mr Price that I can't wait to get a hold of.
4) I was planning to show some ordinary leopard print but then I saw these graffiti leggings and had a vision. A vision of the future. There's a lot of turquoise and pink in the leggings so I matched that in the top, shoes and really cool sunglasses.

And, now, for the two biggest prints this summer:
Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, monochromatic, rainbow. Who doesn't love a good stripe? Or several. The best thing about stripes is that there are no limits to what you can pair with stripes. Do be careful, though, about horizontal stripes as they're fattening.

Florals, florals, florals. In the winter you saw the rise of the dark floral and now in the summer time I've completely abandoned that. White is also a really hot colour right now!
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Khenzo xoxo

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