Saturday, 1 June 2013

[Outfit Post] I Need You, Baby, to Warm the Lonely Night

Mr Price striped blazer, kangaroo top thing from my mom's closet from Identity, really great LEGiT leather pants, Zoom wedge sneakers and all accessories from Mr Price
Tonight, I went to Monte Casino to see Jersey Boys--the really wonderful musical about Franki Valli and the Four Seasons. Musicals always make me feel all warm inside and I really loved the story. The song numbers were fantastic and the Jersey accents were on point (and I feel like I would know after four seasons of Jerseylicious, listening to those broads talk about cwoffee and going to mwall).

Going to the theatre (that's thee-ayter, you ignoramuses) made me feel like a class act. Even after I totally destroyed the toilets at Ocean Basket afterwards. I am classy! I also recommend that everyone put on some fancy pants and go see Jersey Boys.
I'd give you a review but I doubt anyone really cares about what a fifteen year old girl has to say about a play and how totally ahead of herself she'll sound. But I can totally pull a Tavi Gevinson if you'd like.

Big girls don't cry,
Khenzo xx

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