Sunday, 16 June 2013

[Outfit Post] Come and Get It


I don't think it's entirely appropriate to call June in South Africa winter. If January wasn't so long ago I'd say that it was much hotter than the summer. But what I do love about winter is how clear and beautiful the sky is. It's just this earnest, cloudless blue that goes on forever and ever.

I dug up this red plaid skirt that I've had since, like, grade five but I bought it in a size too big back then so now it fits almost like a glove. The zipper tends to undo itself after a while which is really annoying but it's a really cute skirt. If only I had it in every colour. Except orange of course.

Mr Price black and white knit, purple and black socks from Ackerman's, Mr Price suede brogues and Mr Price bangles

 I figured plaid was appropriate since today is Youth Day (freedom is coming tomorroooooooow! Not really but I love that song).

Khenzo xx

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