Friday, 7 June 2013

[Outfit Post] Here's the Story of the Girl You Know

Tonight I went to a little showcase by my brother's school's drama club. Despite the fact that it went on forever and I was reminded how lame/ratchet/awful primary school actually is (I've been building it up as the time of life for a while now and this was a hard reality check), it wasn't all that bed. There was a really cute group poem about cities by grade ones that my phone malfunctioned while recording (Steve Jobs didn't part seas for this, Apple) which got me hacked.

I really love this top from Mr Price - the spike detailing on the shoulders makes me want to match to everything in my wardrobe. I didn't notice but I think I hit, like, five of my favourite winter trends: military (army green top and shoulder pads), faux fur (this gilet is the bomb but it shed all over my thighs today - c'mon, Edgars), leather (paneled on these well-fitting - for once - Mr Price jeans) and mixed metals (silver spikes, gold chains, gold belt, silver and gold wristwatch). I am just a bucket full of tricks.
Edgars faux-fur gilet, skinny pants, top, skinny belt and chain all Mr Price and Zoom wedge sneakers

These sneakers make me really happy (I've worn them before - last week and when I went to see Swedish House Mafia). I love the suede, leather and sequin combination. Black shoes are pretty boring so I love how it's all a pish-posh mix. And they are so comfortable!
I could run a marathon in them. That is, if I could run a marathon. Which is, of course, if I could run.

Bon soir,
Khenzo xx

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