Tuesday, 25 June 2013

It's Our Party We Can Love Who We Want

This is our house,
This is our rules.
And we can't stop.
And we won't stop.
Can't you see it's we who own the night?
Can't you see it's we who 'bout that life?
And we can't stop.
And we won't stop.
We run things,
Things don't run we.

At the risk of major fan girling here how freaking fantastically absolutely positively mind-blowingly wonderfully amazing is Miley Cyrus's music video for We Can't Stop? The song itself was already amazing (as Miley's anthem-songs are, remember Party In the USA? Me and friends tried to a capella it a la Pitch Perfect) but the music video is insane. I can't stop replaying it. And each time I watch it I fall in love with a little more and then I fall in love with the idea of falling in love with it and I have to keep watching it and twerking (really badly, might I add).

I mean, to be young and beautiful and so gangsta! I want to go to a party like this. I want to live a party like this. Let's have a thousand EOS lip balms and put exploding stuff between our legs and, yes, we should cut off our fingers and bleed pink goop. 'Cause we're gonna go all night, until we see the sunrise.
I'm not even concerned that Miley's popping mollies (I'm sweating, woo!) or enjoying that snow in the bathroom -- I ain't her mama! I just want a teddy bear strapped to my back, platform sneakers and twerk soup. And where is my Miley doll? I need to make out with it!

It's our party we can do what WE WANT TO!
It's our house we can love who WE WANT TO!
It's our song we can sing if WE WANT TO!
It's my mouth I can say what I WANT TO!

In a word this music video is so perfect. From Miley's all white ensembles, the sunglasses, even the bedspread she's frolicking around on. And the taxidermy! So sick. And there's even some poetic stuff there. Like the dude eating the money sandwich and the guy rolling around in white bread (which is my dream and worst nightmare, read: constipation). 

We run things, things don't run we. Don't take nothing from nobody!
Khenzo xx

PS Where can I get her amazing grills?


  1. I looove miley so much. She's like an inspiration for me. I don't know why people judge her new music. I think the lyrics are so true!! I love the "it's my mouth I can say what I want to" part. It's sooooo right

    Live, rizuna

    1. Oh my gosh, YES! I just don't understand people who hate her hairstyle or are, like, 'disturbed' with the music video. The whole point is that it's your life, no one should dictate how you live it.


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