Sunday, 2 June 2013

Phresh Out the Runway (FabroSanz AW13 and Style House SA)

The What:
 Last night my sister, Dineo, took me out to the Winter Fashion and Beauty Trend Report hosted by Style House SA, showcasing the winter 2013 Winter Fabrosanz Creations clothing collection along with 2sab Models.
The event was hosted by Envy Lounge, a red-lit, high class, don't-you-dare-wear-light-wash-jeans-here hole in the wall, in Nelson Mandela Square. We greeted with loud, thumping, let's-dance music and very well-dressed, welcoming ladies at the door. The invitation said that the event was to start at five o'clock but it was already well into six pm and the ramp was still being set up. We knew not to arrive too early as fashion shows hardly start on time but it was a long while until anything official actually began.

The Where:
While they were charging R30 for orange juice and R400 for cocktails, I did like the more relaxed set-up of the show. The ramp was placed in the middle of the corridor outside the club with a Vodacom shop at the end and, what I remember as, clothing stores on either side. There were lounge chairs and sofas surrounding it but, what I didn't like, was that there wasn't a "backstage" for the models to emerge from which ruined any spontaneity one would want at a fashion show. I understand that it was supposed to be a more laid-back event with fabulously dress somebodies in pretty cocktail dresses and sky-high heels just laying around, looking at clothes, sipping on sizzurp the layout wasn't very well-thought out as, during the make-up tutorials, only one half of the area could get a good look at what was going on. Which is a shame because I'm pretty sure the artists had important things to say and display.

The Show:
When the show did finally begin, with a mauve-clad host no less, there was a sense of disorganization in the air when there was confusion about who was supposed to go up first and who was still busy somewhere else. Groan. I would like to add, about our host, is that while he was enigmatic and vibrant he didn't seem to no anything about fashion or what the event was about--he seemed more like someone they put in because everyone thinks he's super hip and demand.
First up was a lovely singer who sang a cover of a song I don't know but she was terrific and well-received, don't know who she is, though.
Then two make-up artists came and took fuh-evaaa doing on-trend make-up looks and explaining it to the host in the most basic and unprepared way. While I appreciate that these women are highly respected and good at what they're doing, a seminar would've suited them better. Or if the models already had their make-up done and the artists explained what went behind creating the look. It sucks because no one paid any attention to them. Tsk, tsk, Style House SA.
After that we were shown on-trend, yet a little bit more editorial, hairstyles. We were shown braids and buns and hairstyles that worked with girls with natural hair a la Janelle Monae. And then, finally, the actual fashion show began. While I don't think the hairstyles were the everyday, working girl they were inspired and inspiring.

The Clothes:
The garments shown were very much on this year's most popular trends: monochrome, velvet, leather, plaid (I saw a tartan skirt that made me want to go to Catholic school which is a good thing), fur and layering. I was also glad to see that the clothes, unlike most SA designers' lines, weren't ridiculously over-priced and more in tune with what you'd pay if they were on sale at Woolworths and Truworths (which, for the high school student living on peanuts, is still rather pricey). While I wasn't a fan of the event as a whole, I really loved the winter collection and my metaphorical indigo suede fedora goes off to Fabrosanz.

And there was food, which is really all that matters.

Faux fur gilet from Edgars, Mr Price blouse and pencil skirt, YDE boots and weird expression from being surrounded by too many fabulous people

My sister, Dineo in a really cute top despite my aversions to peplums



  1. Nice show and you guys looked awesome. I love your Edgars gilet. ^_^

    1. Thank you so much, Mirna! That comment really made my day. xx

  2. Looks like this was fun show, would have loved top be there and you looked good in yo fur gillet, love it.

    xoxo Vee


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