Thursday, 4 April 2013

You Better Run, Better Run, Faster Than My Bullet

Happy April dear world! It is now officially autumn which means my favourite two seasons are here! There's nothing better than autumn/winter fashion. The textures (wool, leather, fur) to the prints (argyle, plaid, houndstooth) to the versatility. I love how you can still incorporate all of your favourite summer pieces (be it sundresses, short shorts and pastel colours) with chunky knits and heavy boots. Ah, love! This is what it feels like.

I'm really into block heels, wooden heels and no heels. Hopefully I can acquire a lovely pair of heelless/curved wedge boots or pumps. They're dramatic and beautiful. I also want wedge sneakers in bolder colours (I find that the nice ones are always in blacks, nudes and whites, everything else I've found either has a very obvious wedge or looks like something I would've worn when I was four and not in a good way).

I still want to carry short-shorts into winter and I'd really love those in bright colours, prints, studs, spikes, ombres and so on. I think with the right pair of knee socks, ankle boots and leather jacket it would be totally winter appropriate (I'm not sure the weather will agree).

And here are some other looks I'm loving for this season:
OK, I'm so not over military yet. And I just love how Kat Graham pulls this off with the bandeau/crop top, oversized bag in a neutral shade and black stiletto boots.

Unless you're, like, Amish you would know lace is better than ever and I'm totally lusting over it after Dolce and Gabbana's recent line. I also like the bodysuit look too.

Besides being the greatest movie of all time, I'm uber envious of the Clueless closet. I want to wear more plaid, argyle, Oxfords, knee socks, cardigans and headbands. Gossip Girl meets Clueless meets... uh, me.

This is really cute. I love how dramatic this jacket is and the geometric metallic necklace is beautiful.

Annie, are you OK? Are you OK? Are you OK, Annie? Because you've been hit by--you've been hit by a smooth criminal!


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