Monday, 22 April 2013

Obsessed: Flavia D.

I don't know what it is about Brazil and producing beautiful, lean and flaxen haired vixens. I mean, seriously! If I had to spend a day among the Brazilians I would faint with envy and then go into a fit of jealous rage that end up with me in a coma.
I discovered Flavia on Lookbook a while ago and I've been obsessed with her ever since. She has a very flirty, romantic style and wears lots of girly things like ruffles, layers, lace, pinks and bows. She also has a gift for mixing patterns and finding very beautiful items. I'm ever so tempted to take my stalking to the next level via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Here are her more romantic looks (also, her stems are amazing!):
This is a really pretty girly look with cute, masculine accents like the hat (is that a fedora or a trilby), the boy tie and the cut of her sheer shirt.

She reminds me of a fabulous Italian socialite (because this what the Italians do best: vivaciousness and accentuating what they've got in a very tasteful manner), hopping around Florence, buying vintage handbags and looking thoughtfully upon ancient artworks at museums.

I love how her vest and skirt are of similar materials but she's broken them up by wearing them in different colours.

She has a real flair for hats. And I love her socks and her handbag. Puh-retty! 
 Flavia doing her thing with prints:
Exclusive penthouse party anyone?

This is very on trend: houndstooth and stripes!

I don't know where she's going and what's she's doing but I'd like to follow her.

I love the shorts-suit. I think it's a really cute way to dress up shorts or take all the stuffiness out of wearing long trousers or a pencil skirt. And having matching prints makes it even better.

Images from Lookbook and Fashion Coolture

 Oh, Tennessee Whiskey never looked so good
xx Khenzo xx

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