Monday, 8 April 2013

[Outfit Post] Oh, It's What You Do To Me

I found this really cute cardigan from the Legit's Priced to Go rack. To think no one was snatching it up was insanity. It's going to be so perfect for winter. One thing I love is lowered prices, sales and price-to-go's. I don't think I've paid full price for anything since, like, July last year. I found it would look really nice with my purple (violet?) skater skirt from Mr. Price and the striped tank top I got for a steal at Pick 'n' Pay Clothing (R30,00, baby!).

I've been on a real nineties-retro kick as of late. I pretty much only listen to The Fresh Prince, Tupac, Alicia Keys and what ever 1990's songs Glee does covers of. And it's not only the music I'm listening to, I've been re-watching and finding more movies from that blessed decade (it did produce me) like Clueless (of course!), She's All That, Pretty Woman, etc and the TV shows--OMG! I think that was the golden age, along with the early 2000's, of television. Anyone remember 7th Heaven and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Friends (how could you forget?) and Beverly Hills, 90210.
One of my favourite things about 1990s is, of course, the fashion. I've always preferred retro over vintage (despite how lovely a lot of the things were, it's become such a mainstream, cookie cutter thing to say, "It's vintage"). The 90's is when designers started to look back on previous decades, take those lovely trends and do them over bigger and better. And this was the decade that took denim to a whole other level!

Wanting to take my love for the 90's a step further I'm going to start incorporating more of it in my wardrobe, especially considering how it's already taken over my speech and DVD rack, with few pairs of Dr. Martens, more denim shirts and jackets, colourful and printed leggings, anything my mother can bear to part with and sport luxe wear. And I've found the vintage and thrift store under belly of Jo'burg. OK, calling it an under belly is just my way of not showing how ignorant I've been towards the hospices, factory shops and craft markets just lying in wait all around me. Like, seriously, I just found out I live twenty minutes away from one!

Totally Yours,
Khenzo xx

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