Monday, 29 April 2013

You Are the Only Exception

This is just some Monday inspiration. I'm in a really good mood as of late. School is going pretty well, I found a really cool hat that I'm going to buy tomorrow (pay day, well, allowance time), LEGiT featured my last look post on their Pinterest page (I know a lot of people won't think it's that significant but I was beyond stoked) and some very cool bloggers agreed to let me interview them for this here bloggedy-weblog-blog. How cool? The interviews should be up before the end of the week and for now:

The above images are not mine. They're from Emma Jane Nation. A really lovely South African based blog. The first two are by a wedding photographer she admires and the third one is from a fabulous Jo'burg burger bar.
So sometime in January Wildfox Couture did a catalogue phot shoot inspired by the best movie from 1995 that changed teenage girls' styles in the 90s: Clueless!
This is a really lovely recreation of the scene when Tai met Dion and Cher. I really love the denim and flannel look that the model-as-Tai is wearing and I want Cher's T-shirt!

This is most likely the part where Cher and Dion get on their little charity high and give Tai a make-over. I don't know why but I love seeing pretty girls with curlers in their hair.

Ah, to have your dad make $500 an hour and drive a really cool Jeep...

The thing I loved most about Clueless was the really cute take on preppy fashion. Knee socks and head bands please!

The mansion in the background is an almost exact replica!
And this a lovely modern take on the classic, retro Clueless wardrobe: platform Mary-Janes, knee socks, plaid, short skirts with matching blazers and those adorable backpacks.

If you've actually seen the movie then you would know how clever this T-shirt is. Before Cher went for her driver's test her ex step-brother, Josh, mentions how she gets offended when anyone thinks she lives below Sunsent [Boulevard].

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