Thursday, 11 April 2013

Hey there, Delilah

I have one very short paragraph--that, in some cultures, could be considered a long, rambling sentence--for this look and this look only. I love looking at Coachella street style year after year (OK, fine, since 2011 but 'evs). Seriously, remember what Chanel Iman wore last year? (If you didn't, just know that it was straight up cool, yo) Please just stare intently into this girl's ridic tie-dye skirt and her ridonk mesh/eyelet/sheer/I-don't-know-which top. So effortless, cool-without-trying-but-trying-a-teensy-bit-because-that's-how-cool-kids-work, young, fresh (like, frikky-frikky fresh), boho and the epitome of what girls cool enough to hang out at Coachella because they're actually there for the music and the bohemian times (not trying to seem like free hippies like other people, not saying anything Paris Hilton). Keep on rocking on.

Khenzo xx

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