Sunday, 21 April 2013

[Outfit Post] This Kiss is Something I Can't Miss

Oh, lookie here. My first look post as a fifteen year old girl. And I've finally worn my Rubi Shoes sandal heels out! I bought them, like, forever ago and there hasn't seemed to an appropriate time or place to wear them. But today the light shone upon me--well, my bedroom light since it's been gloomy and overcast, bringing out the nostalgic depro in everyone on Twitter.
I obviously couldn't brave that kind of emotional weather all bare leg so I paired them with a pair of purple tights. Unfortunately everything I seemed to pick up off the floor--none of my clothes ever really stay in the cupboard for more than ten minutes--was all Mr. Price.
By some weird accident I was prepared to leave the house in all red--one of my absolute favourite colours but certain family members gave me gravy about being so monochromatic. One-tone-Khenzo!

But how adorable is the print on this blouse? Mwah, mwah, lovely!

Khenzo xx

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