Sunday, 21 April 2013

Why Live to Fly When You Can Live to Soar?

I la-la-love LEGiT. They have really cute, eclectic clothes and well-made shoes and always chose the hottest "it girls" to be their ambassadors. From Bonang (who probably had one of the best selling lines to date), to Minnie Dhlamini, to their FABULOUS David Tlale line (seriously, I spent almost every afternoon there looking at all the pieces) and now it's Toya DeLazy.
I've seen some of the pieces in the range and they're really great. It's lots of gold and black, feminine pieces jazzed up by tough girl accents like spikes, studs, leather, chains and crucifix and camoflauge prints. It's also very on trend with the season's hottest colour; ox blood, statement jackets, metallic and '90s grunge.
I give it my stamp of approval. Not that anyone cares or anything.

I'm not the biggest fan of caps--well, snapbacks--but I'd actually buy the leather snapback. And those sunglasses? Pretty!

Oh, those sunglasses make a repeat appearance! The tights are real pretty and I would wear them everyday.

Ah, studs, studs, studs and, oh wait, more studs! When I saw this skirt in store it was pretty underwhelming but paired with the belt--c'est magnifique!

What an adorable jersey? And that knapsack bag is so on my list! I don't care too much for Legit's obsession for poking holes in perfectly good shoes though.

I bought a pair of spiked gold and black court heels yesterday--love them!
Hand over that girl's boom box (photo one) and a limitless credit card so I can buy up the whole range.
Khenzo xx
Photo credit: LEGiT

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