Saturday, 31 August 2013

[Outfit Post] Careless Con and a Crazy Liar

{ Waterfall Cardigan: Mr Price | Crop Top: Cotton On | Skater Skirt: Mr Price | Creepers: LEGiT | Lipstick: L.A. Colours; Black Velvet | Bangle: Truworths }

So I kind of understand why most American schools don't have uniforms: life's so much better. We went into school this morning for an extra Maths lesson and there's something so comforting about finding midpoints when you're in your favourite creepers and have Black Velvet slathered all over your lips.

But I'm pretty sure that I would die if I had to pick out an outfit everyday.

After the lesson, we went to Mugg & Bean at Woodmead Value Mart, laughed, stuffed our faces, looked for dresses and shoes for the Spring Ball. My heart bled three times today when I found the perfect turquoise (or is it mint?) net dress with a plunging neckline and Oriental pattern on the bottom that pretty much made me want dance all night long (all night long) and the dress was so, so expensive.
You know how sometimes you find a really, like, really fantastic pair of shoes or a really cute moleskin diary and you know, oh, you know that your life will be infinitely better after it's yours. Your teeth will be whiter, your hair bouncier, the stars brighter and the the skies clearer. That was how I felt about this dress. And it looked so good with my black lipstick:
This beaut was discovered at a nameless boutique next to Mugg & Bean. Why can't it be mine? (Oh, my god, everytime I've said that in my head I heard Emma Roberts as Addie Singer singing, 'You will never love me and this I can't forgive,' I finally understand her pain.

Luckily, not all was lost. My dad suggested I go to Rosebank instead and even though I find The Zone seriously crust (I don't trust any mall that doesn't have a Mr Price, Cotton On or LEGiT) I went and, oh my god, best decision ever. I found the perfect outfit for Spring Ball and I can't wait until Friday, 13 September to wow the world and kill mo'fos with my killer style.

From @shaanyyyy_xo's Instagram
From @shaanyyyy_xo's Instagram
From @shaanyyyy_xo's Instagram

From @shaanyyyy_xo's Instagram

From @shaanyyyy_xo's Instagram

Khenzo xx

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