Saturday, 17 August 2013

Style Crush: Naomi Clark and Annie Wilson

90210 style, fashion of 90210

I remember, back in '08, when 90210 was some drama show that play on Thursday nights on M-Net just before Desperate Housewives (my obsession with a capital obsesh) and was all over every Seventeen magazine and school homework diary but I didn't care much for what another teen drama could offer - I had Gossip Girl since '07, 'mkay?
But then I was somehow convinced to watch it (note: 2008 me was such a push over) and it was the best decision I could have ever made. And for the next five years that it would play on M-Net, Vuzu and M-Net Series I fell head over heels, mind over matter, completely and utterly, mind-blowling, slightly annoyingly in the love.
And, of course, great loves have to end because the CW and the rest of those Hollywood losers don't know how to keep a good thing going but, deep breath, I'm going to have to put my anger aside even though, just like Gossip Girl, they led us on for five freakin' seasons and gave us a couple of stinky side-dish episodes they decided to call season six.

90210, baby shower, naomi clark
Remember when Annie's hair  was still that hideous shade of just-plucked-from-the-farm?
What happened to the time when shows would end with a bang? Huh? When they were granted some dignity and got to end on their own terms, in a way that comforted and acknowledged the viewer and the characters?
Remember how Dawson's Creek ended? Beverly Hills, 90210? Desperate Housewives? That was premium entertainment.
But enough of that, this all a story for another time. I shouldn't get into all the lose ends and cheap shot endings that were chosen right now because I WILL NEVER STOP.

fashion of 90210, funeral fashion, annalynne mccord

Let's celebrate the six seasons of great style 90210 gave us. Especially in the form of we're-not-in-Kansas-anymore Annie Wilson and what-kind-of-place-doesn't-have-valet-parking Naomi Clark.

annalynne mccord, shenae grimes, 90210 girls
90210 season six, naomi wedding dress
annalynne mccord, fashion of 90210, 90210 style, naomi clark
90210 ivy, fashion of 90210, 90210 street style, annie wilson, shane grimes

shenae grimes style, fashion of 90210, annie wilson style
grunge fashion, 90210 style, fashion of 90210, annie wilson
shenae grimes, fashion of 90210, 90210 style, annie wilson

annalynne mccord, fashion of 90210 naomi clark, naomi clark style
california girl, 90210 season six, fashion of 90210, annalynne mccord

Oh, 90210, I will miss you. You were the last of a dying breed - good teen dramas with great storylines, fabulous clothes and hot lead actors.

90210, 90210 season six, best of 90210, annalynne mccord
Khenzo xx

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