Friday, 9 August 2013

[ Wishlist] Everything I Want I (don't) Have

These are a few of my favourite things...
So I'm hoping to come into some money soon, the job hunt is still really unsuccessful but I'm rather determined to earn my own money, you know? I just think it's really important but this post is not about getting some independence (Beyoncé would so proud right now - bow down, bitches).
These are all of the shoes I want to buy, wear, love, sleep with and dance in (their beautifulness will draw attention away from my lack of rhythm) from Zando:

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Linx Cutout Heels in Black - R399

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Linx Pointy Ankle Strap Shoes in Blue-Turquoise - R259

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Maria Lopez Dessert Pointed Stilettos in Black - R287
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Utopia Contrast Ankle Strap Heeled Sandals in Black - R279

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Diva Glitter Ankle Strap Court Shoes in Red - R186

Footwork D'Orsay Heels in White - R369

FFC New York Liberty Wedge Sandals in Multicolour - R269
Zoom Nuala Heel-Less Shoes in Teal - R287
If I manage my allowance pretty well then I can get a pair every month, provided those R399 studded boots go on  sale and I don't feel like eating. The things I do for shoes...
Khenzo xx

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