Sunday, 18 August 2013

[Sunday Post] Strange Fruit Hangin' from the Poplar Tree

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I'm taking a moment to actually really think about what's changed since this photo was taken. It's really weird that the (much thinner) girl on the left in this photo isn't even recognisable to the girl I see in the mirror every morning when I flex Johnny Bravo style.
Like, yo, that was two years ago.
And so, so much has changed since then. And I'm not just talking about my cellphone plan or my choice in lotion and moisturiser. I'm talking about extreme paradigm shifts. The fact that I even know how to spell paradigm is a complete paradigm shift.

Lately, I've been taking some serious glances at my life and where it is now and where I want it to be. This is, of course, the ever-so-fantastic time when I have to consider the future as an option and realise that the world isn't my friend. The world is the chocolate filled Oreos I so despise.
All this thinking and looking and contemplating has made me wonder how much I've changed and whether it has been a good thing?

Two years ago I was concerned with some Level 10 Superficial stuff (where as now it's Level 6 - moving on up, baby). Two years ago I needed to have all the right friends, go to all the coolest parties, have boys blow up my phone like I was Ke$ha, tell the funniest jokes and wear all the right clothes because I 'deserved' the high school experience.
The high school experience is a farce. Well, what it's made out to be in film and television (cough, 90210, Mean Girls, Clueless, She's All That, cough). People have classes and everyday can't be interesting and filled with drama and dilemma and teen angst. All those relationships and boys and days at a smoothie joint can't happen. This is the real world, yo'. And not that Level 9 Basic MTV reality show.

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Oh, Gordo, you individual. Miranda, you typical white girl. Lizzie McGuire - best show ever.

Khenzo xx

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