Sunday, 1 September 2013

Tonight I'm Gonna Dance for You

One of the greatest conventions to American film is the high school dance or prom that is the penultimate peak or perfect ending in most teen films. Everything about these dance/prom scenes is so beautiful. There's the pink tinted lighting that hits falls on everyone's faces at just the right angle, the swaying of pretty silk and chiffon, girls and boys nestling up to each, slow dancing to the perfect song, the streamers, balloons and the confetti and the sparkles.

Nothing can go wrong at a high school dance in a teen flick (well, except Carrie and I guess Romy and Michele didn't enjoy theirs all that much, "this town is so unhip.") You dance with the right boy, you're happy for whoever the prom queens is, hopefully you, the punch is tart and spiked and you want to remember this night forever because the rest of high school is such a drag and you already spent every spare moment looking for dresses, praying for dates, curling your hair and applying individual lashes, so this has to be everything.

 Romy and Michele's High School Reunion
 The Vampire Diaries
 The Virgin Suicides
 She's All That
 Gossip Girl


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