Sunday, 4 August 2013

[Sunday Post] 7 Things I Like About You

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Obviously including your hair, your eyes, your old Levi's and not to mention that when we kiss I'm hypnotised I am really in love with something Tavi Gevinson spoke about during some sort of presentation she did about why she started Rookie.

Basically, Tavi (a goddess) talks about how women in the media are only ever represented as one thing. Characters in TV shows and movies tend to be very flat. Like, Sylvia is only ever the damsel in that dress or Priyanka is only the smartie pants, I.T girl (and, yes, that's quite a stereotype; the Indian I.T expert - sue me) or that Elliot is only a crazy cat lady. That's not how women really are, that's not how people are. Why can't Sylvia also be really good at anagrams? Or do you know that Priyanka is a sex kitten on the weekends? And Elliot is also a crazy bad lady, too.

Tavi goes onto say that people, teenage girls in general, really, are multi-faceted. And we're not just one thing, set in stone. We're a mass of contradictions. Why?
Because we're still figuring things out.
And a lot of our society doesn't allow for that. Everyone has to have it all figured out. We're all expected to have our Twitter and Instagram biographies lined up, all our books have be about similar stuff and we can never move out of a set style of dress. Our books can't contradict each other and you can't dress punk one day and super girly the next.

(This is why shows like Girls are so refreshing and amazing.)

And Tavi started Rookie, not as a guide to how to be the perfect girl or how to glide through your adolescence on sparkly rainbow roller skates, for girls who were still figuring it out. Adults, too. The whole point of Rookie is that it's OK to not know who you are yet or have your life planned out to every detail including the brand of adult diapers you're going to sport in your nineties.

I think that's just a message teenagers need to hear more often, you know?

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Image from a Rookie shoot I adored.
Khenzo xx


  1. discovered you blog when i was doing some research for a post on my blog, i love this post. Girls are like the weather, we change all the time, some days we are super girly with bright lipsticks and the next moment, we are all scruffy in jeans and a cap. the wonderful thing is, we look good either way.
    thats the link to my blog and you can ff on twitter @aghanaiangirl, i ff back.
    i'm not a fashion blogger but I love fashion so i guess i'm following your blog, hope you like mine enough to ff back

    1. Oh my gosh, right? Even though I spend most of my time believing I'm Beyonce while I'm in scruffy jeans and a cap. Ha, ha. I did check out your blog, I love that roaches attack post. I almost choked on my rice three times laughing.
      I'm definitely following!


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