Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Style Crush: The Parent Trap

the parent trap, parent trap tumblr, glitter daiquiri

This post won't be able to do the style in The Parent Trap (my all time favourite movie forever and ever) justice because all Tumblr and the rest of the Internet cares about is showing me screen caps of Annie and Hallie pissed because Meredith's coming camping with them and Liz's a smart one too. Oh, and let's not forget all the gifs of the famous handshake (which I used to do all the time with my sister and her friends because we kept it 300 like the Romans).

I'm your typical millennial in most some ways like that my parents are divorced and I have a growing itch for '90s things and Disney movies with sweet endings. The Parent Trap is all that and a bag of chips. A freckly pair of ginger twins, Lindsay Lohan before 2006 (think Freaky Friday, Herbie Reloaded, Lifesize and, the holy grail of teen movies, Mean Girls) a wedding dress designer mom (her final wedding dress is my dream gown if I were to ever be able to trick someone into marrying me), California Cool Kalifornia Kool (but with a K) meets London Class, a beautiful, beautiful score (L.O.V.E by Nat King Cole, Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles, This Will Be by Natalie Cole -- who I was actually named after, my second name at least), summer and camp, and the combination of the two-- the most beautiful convention known to film, reunited love and they have a butler!

the parent trap, the parent trap tumblr, glitter daiquiri, parent trap style, 1998

the parent trap poster, parent trap style, glitter daiquiri, 1998

the parent trap, annie and hallie, glitter daiquiri, parent trap style, 1998

the parent trap, hallie and annie, 1998, glitter daiquirithe parent trap 1998, glitter daiquiri, parent trap 1998 style

the parent trap, summer camp, hallie and annie, 1998, glitter daiquiri

the parent trap, parent trap handshake, 1998, glitter daiquiri, annie james

the parent trap, disney wedding, glitter daiquiri, 1998, lindsay lohan

the parent trap, parent trap gif, i have class and you dont, glitter daiquiri, 1998

the parent trap, parent trap 1998, parent trap poster

In the age of hipsters and millennials who pretty much swim in oceans of hyperbole, please understand the oozing sincerity and truth in this: I could watch this movie every day until the day I die.

 Khenzo xx


  1. I realized (after watching the parent trap a second time) the watch that Hallie wore is the exact same one I received a few days ago!!!

  2. Sorry, here's the image website:

  3. ever since i have been watching the parent trap i would see the girls and i would pause the movie to take pictures of them. I do this because my daughter is in 5th grade and her class is doing a little assignment on freckles and she wanted to show the class an example and how freckles are unique.


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