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Talking to: Ludo and Andrea from It's About LA

So couples and fashion blogs are pretty synonymous but you hardly ever find that said couple are both in front of the camera. I absolutely love Ludo and Andrea and their very minimalist approach to fashion and they all their well composed photographs.  Also, I'm a sucker for a little Jungle Fever.

How did you two meet?
We first meet at a party. Then we started to talk about everything and that's how we realize that we were similare and we have exaclty the same hobbies.

What made you decide to begin a fashion blog together?
Because fashion is something very important to each of us. We thought that there weren't enough blogs with couples, that's why we decided to create a fashion blog together. So we can share our fashion's view with the blogosphere.

When you're not taking great photos, what can we find you two doing?
We can be found shopping, watching movies, listening to music, talking about many topics and eating lots of nice food.

Besides fashion, what other interests do you share?
We can say that we are exactly the same person, we really love the same things and we also have the same way of thinking. We always agree on everything. We listen to the same style of music and we have the same way of seeing the life and the world.

Are you both from Paris originally?
No, we are both from Angoulême. It's a city known for comics, there is a festival every year. We actually live there.

Well, how would you describe the fashion scene in Paris?
Fashion in Paris is really chic but it's casual too.
Andréa: I personnally think that the Parisian wants to give the cliche of the "chic à la française" so they wear chic jacket or high heels with a jean and lose t-shirt. I think that people who are not French think that we have a really good sense of fashion but it's just some people. A lot of person are simple and don't have great looks like we see at Fashion Week.

Do you have any favourite places to shop in Paris?
We are not Parisians so it will be difficult to give you some really good addresses. There is a shop where they sell watches from many brands, the place is really cool and some [of the] watches are not so expensive. The address is Rue Tiquetonne and the name of the shop is Chez Maman.
Are there any French blogs that you like?
Paris is a big city of fashion. So there are many fashion blogs but some of them are very cool. Our favourites bloggers from Paris are Betty, Adenorah , Kenza and many others.

How would you describe your sense of style?
We don't want to have the same style as the other people. That's why we always trying to have unique clothes, we are not the ones who will wear the "must-have" [clothes]. We want to wear clothes that we like, not because they are trendy.
So we describe our styles in constant evolution.

What is a great influence on your personal style?
Ludo: For me Andrea is my influence. Everytime I want to buy something I always need her advice and the same for Andrea. We are just like partners [in] shopping.

June is the beginning of a new season. What are your favourite trends for summer and what are your least favourite?
I think you need boat shoes, a bomber jacket, a soft jacket, a hat like a panama or a wide-brimmed hat and shorts because it's more comfortable than skirts or dresses - and don't forget the sunglasses.
Least favourite for us [are] Vans sneakers and sweaters.

Items you never leave the house without.
Ludo: My phone and my credit card.
Andrea: My phone and bag.

Lastly, what is the best piece of advice you've ever received?
Ludo: 'Live the present day like it was the last,' from my mom.
Andrea: 'Never be influenced by other people' from my grandma.

Find Ludo and Andrea on their blog It's About LA.

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