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Talking to: Leah R from The Frill Seekers

Leah is a tart. I actually developed a teensy bit of a tooth ache reading through her blog and loving how sweet and sincere she is in her posts. She isn't one of the bloggers who want a me-me-me-me page on the internet but she just says what she thinks and what she likes and posts some really pretty photos. Also, how cute is she? Ridiculously so.

What got you into the world of blogging? And how did you decide on the really cute name of your blog?
A couple of years ago I got really into reading fashion magazines (though technically they were just the style section of my parents newspaper) and I came across  fashion bloggers who really inspired me to start my own.
Well, I'm going to have to give credit to my friend for the name, as I  was struggling with finding a good one and she came up with it and it just clicked - its cringy but my first blog name was 'fashionphotographyandblog'.

Who are your favourite fashion bloggers?
CoMonroe  - she is my favourite, her photography is so great too
Rookie Mag  - not really a fashion blog but they have a great style section
Ms Vintage Virgin  - her outfits are crazy but amazing
Fashion Rush  - also loving her outfits at the moment

If you could have dinner with any of the biggest names in fashion, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Coco Chanel - it's kind of obvious.

You live in the UK but you also visit Spain quite often. How different are the fashion scenes between these two countries?
Very different! The way I see it is that England is cooler and more ahead in terms of vintage and experimenting whereas in Spain they are more stylish and elegant yet their fashion scene can get a bit samey and boring - especially the small town where I am from.

Where are your favourite places to shop in the UK and Spain and why?
[In the] UK it has to be Urban Outfitters, Charity shops (they don't exist in Spain), Topshop and H&M. I love Zara in Spain and Stradivarias and Pull & Bear are also great.

How would you describe the way you dress and what influences your style?
My mixed background means that I am quite influenced by things I get to see when I travel abroad. I'd say I don't have a defined style, because I like changing it to suit my mood. I'm mostly influenced by what I see on other people, or my grandmas are a big source of influence as well as other fashion bloggers of course..oh and Lana Del Rey

You work/worked at the British Heart Foundation, which is a charity store? What’s that like?
It was awesome, not only did it make me feel like I was doing something good for the charity (its voluntary) but I also developed my passion of styling because my role became focused on styling the mannequins. It made me aware that you can easily make anything look good. Clothing is not exclusive.

You’re obviously a big fan of photography. Who are some of your favourite photographers?
I love art and photography, to be honest I haven't ever studied it so I don't know much about it but I love Cindy Sherman and Norman Parkinson.

Do you plan on taking photography as a career? Or art? (Your drawings are really great.) If not, what do you plan on doing?
At the moment I'd love to do something to do with the creative industries, whether that [is] art or photography or fashion I have no idea! I probably prefer art to photography but I also love writing as well as my languages (Spanish and French) so I'm a bit stuck! I'm just gonna go with the flow and see where the tide takes me.

Your friend, Sophie, is featured quite a bit on your blog. Is she often the focus of your photography and do you ever style her?
I love to bring my friends into my fashion blog to make it more personal and fun because they have great style and I don't want the blog to be all about me; plus I get to test out my photography (don't get the same satisfaction using self-timer). I love to do collaborative posts where we think of a theme, e.g. Molly Ringwald in the Breakfast Club and use each other’s wardrobes to make-up outfits. It’s like a dress-up game, only we ain’t kids no more.

You’re very into music. What are your top five favourite songs at the moment?
At the moment I'm in love with No Angels by Bastille ft. Ella (it’s a remix of TLC’s No Scrub and something by the XX, I think - so good.
The Kooks – Naïve
Imagine Dragons – Demons
I love Wicked Games cover by Coeur de Pirate 
As We enter by Nas and Damien Marley

What are your trends for June/July are you absolutely in love with and which ones would you like to see end?
I am so over studs. I used to be really obsessed [with them] but they kinda look a bit tacky when overdone now. Love the new dungaree trend, though not sure if I'd go for full length and pretty, lacey tops are essential for summer.

Are there any style rules/guidelines you follow or rebel against?
I never mix prints. I like co-ordination a bit too much sometimes (my Spanish influences) and never ever wear Uggs or Crocs - even if ugly shoes are for fashion, they are ugly full stop.

Lastly, what is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received and from whom?
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain -- someone I know.

Find Leah on The Frill Seeker and fan her on Lookbook.

All images are from Leah's blog.

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