Wednesday, 8 May 2013

[Outfit Post] Roxanne, You Don't Have to Put on That Dress Tonight

Rose dress worn as top from my sister's closet, striped skater skirt (oh, alliteration) and skinny belt from Mr Price, patterned Mozaic tights, jean jacket (photo below) from Edgars and spiked high heels from LEGiT (absolutely in love with them)

Tonight the grade ten music class had a cute, little concert to show off everyone's amazing talent. Some of the songs were a little bit of bad taste but a lot of them were great and all the girls looked fantastic but the best part was definitely interval when we had the best food ever. Generally school functions means some OK tea and coffee and stale biscuits but not today, however, we had chicken kebabs and mini meringues with raspberry and apricot and lots of sweets.

Sorry about the ratch setting but I was running really late and decided to take the photos in my room for the first time which actually wasn't too bad. I've misjudged the lighting in my room. If only it wasn't the place right-foot socks went to die.

TGTWAO (thank God the week's almost over)
Khenzo xx

*Exams are coming up soon so most likely the majority of my posts are going to be scheduled - to keep me away from wasting away hours looking at pretty clothes I can't afford.

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  1. Looking good! I love the striped skirt and your shoes. ^_^


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