Saturday, 25 January 2014

[Travel] This was camp.

Here's a great idea: in the first full week of the school year, let's send all the confused boys and girls still trying to adjust to waking up to dark skies and sleeping before midnight and homework every damn day to camp. What's better than "hey, you're back at school, assholes, now let's send you on a week of semi-vacation"?

This past week we went to the Drakkensburg, in freakin' all-my-life-I've-had-to-struggle humidity of Kwa-Zulu-Natal, to do canopy tours, absailing, that foefie slide thing, paintballing and have our spines put out of alignment.
It was great because I did things like ride wires through the jungles, bond with my classmates, pretend to be deployed in Iraq, build rafts and have moments of strange magic looking at the stars you never see in the city and dancing around a campfire with your friends to One Republic songs.
It sucked because we all lived on top of each other, pretended to be deployed in Iraq (during paintball I got shot in the back, forehead and both thighs - thanks, friends), slept on mattresses taken from the set of The Flintstones and do an eight kilometer hike.
Obviously I didn't get the memo about looking cute on camp or perhaps the Universe got it lost in the mail so that I wouldn't attempt and fail.
It was Shannon's birthday on Wednesday and her mom packed the cutest sash for her and she got this amazing tiara from Kaitlyn. Here she is looking for signal because we never got any 3G out there.
I wish I could say this last one was planned but, alas, no, my friends are just some strange (often) angry people.

Oh, there was a heated pool and giant slide. That was good too.
 I am pig. This was only day one when I was looking for my bathing suit.

Kooky times in the dorms.
And that was camp.
I apologise for all the photos since most of them have nothing to do with anything in my blog land but, eh, it's my party, I can cry if I want to.

Khenzo xx


  1. This looks fun and you describe the atmosphere of a school trip perfectly <3

    1. It was fun, except for the almost dying parts (which occured at least twice everyday). And thanks, I do try.

  2. Love these photos! it looks like you had fun xx


  3. Your bikini bottoms fulfil me :|. Your camp looks like a five star resort compared to what we dealt with last year hey anyway whatevs, I will always love your writing style :D.

    Stay trippy Xx

    1. Five star resort my ass (which, by the way, I no longer can feel). Thanks girl, if I get some cash flow I'll get you pair of the bikini bottoms as a late birthday present.

  4. Woah you make pretending to be deported to Iraq seem like playing Indiana Jonas ..on tumblr. Sounds so fun besides the whole spines bit! And love your photos! :) ♥


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