Sunday, 12 January 2014

[Outfit Post] Tell Me I'm the Problem

pretty black girl short hair pixie cut
This is just me, with my hair all freshly did, shoulders starting to return to their original colour (traces of Mozambique and December are slowly creeping back into 2013) and looking lavish in my Zara pants. Did I mention my pants were from Zara? Like, Zara Zara. And they're my favourite shade of blue and they match the heels of my shoes, my eye makeup and my soul. Also, did you read that? They're from Zara.

Obviously I'm too cool and self-assured to be throwing down with hipsters at Bastille this Saturday night, wearing my eye makeup in a ridiculous frenzy of kohl pencil and twerking in high-waisted pastel shorts. Mostly because I still don't know what Bastille is and by 'cool' and 'self-assured' I actually mean 'unaware' and 'without friends who tell me about these things'. And by 'throwing down with hipsters' I mean 'circling them, waiting for someone to say something to the general group so I can feel like I was included'. And by 'wearing eye makeup in a ridiculous frenzy of kohl pencil' and 'twerking in high-waisted pastel shorts' I mean bring shame upon my family.
tumblr pretty black girls
south african fashion style blog
crop top zara pyjama trousers
I feel so mah'fuckin' snazzy because of mah hurrr and mah new shoes and mah finally even-again skin and just mah larf right now. See, today I finally got a new charger for my Canon (which hasn't been used since, like, October) and I can finally feel superbly amateur again with my photos that don't come out so tack Nikon sharp anymore.
fashion magazines scented candles
mr price home scented fragranced candles jasmine malibue very berry
I also visited Exlusive Books (to much of my disappointment they didn't have Franny & Zooey, salt. and The Bell Jar), Mr Price Home and Kodak.
Above, are my new fancy scented candles that I'll light in the bath while I've got No Angel on loop and just get the feels out. Nothing like the sweet fragrance of Jasmine and Baddie Bey telling me that she loves me even more than who she thought I was before (which, if people would stay around longer than five minutes, they would realise too) (like, I'm sorry I asked for a lock of your hair but I swear I'm a lot of fun) (seriously, though, let's make BFF bracelets) (oh, you have to leave? That's cool, I've got stuff to do anyway).
kodak beach photos matte
I printed over a hundred photos many of them (shamelessly) including Snapchats, selfies and WhatsApp/Twitter screenshots because pretty photos of the beach will not sum up my life when my biography is being written in five years.
That Snapchat, pictured on the far right, is a misquote of Drake's fam-usss line on Mine (that was obviously, like ALL Drake lyrics, directed at me), 'all them fives need to listen when the ten is talking,' because I am funny and my friends are funny and we're all just a group of comedic misfits.
frieze masters the exhibition company high street edit
You know Beyonce's super this-is-Sparta(aaaaa) facial expressions during her half-time performance at the Super Bowl because her moves were so fierce and she was ninety-three shades of werk-ing-eet? That was me when I found Company magazine at Exclusive Books. And, because I'm turning into a fairy, I also copped Frieze Masters because, duh, cool art and cool people and intelligent shit and, like, three steps to becoming elitist and better-than-you. Also, insert weave flip.
collagingfashion magazines on the floor
messy wardrobe
 This is the current state of my studio-apartment-that-doesn't-have-water-facilities-or-like-anything-that-resembles-a-flat-because-it's-actually-just-my-small-overcrowded-bedroom-in-my-father's-house-because-I'm-not-even-sixteen-and-I'm-too-afraid-of-flushing-the-toilet-after-ten-because-of-ghosts-and-demons-to-live-by-myself. All I do is collage, watch Half & Half and read old magazines and repeat.
teen art journal fashion afro beauty
This is the cover of my fashion/art/pretty-things journal that I'm working on right now. This was my grade ten maths textbook and because I wanted to develop a good relationship with arithmetic I'm using it as a journal and not the devil script.
messy teenage bedroom artwork
wall mural artwork bedroom wall
A while ago I started on making a wall mural but my dad was all up in my grill about drawing on the wall (he does not understand artistic license, forgive him) so now I have to paint on, like, paper and stick it the wall like a freaking ignant caveman.
short hair pretty bold eyebrows
pretty black short hair rihanna hair bold eyebrows
Finally, two photos of my face because I'm a vain millenial and my hurr is fresh to death and doing a flippy thing and, like, the boy I sometimes see on the Gautrain bus, who I am madly in love with, kind of has the same hairstyle. So maybe the next time I see him I can finally talk to him.
But I don't think "oh my God, we're like twinsies" is a great pickup line.

Khenzo xx


  1. omg your blog is amazing! Your tone of writing is so funny and the Bastille and mural thing cracked me up! Those trousers are so cute <3

  2. 'rents got you arting on paper like a savage. Sad.


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