Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Back to School Outfits

back to school outfits

If I was the mean black cheerleader and/or the manic pixie doll who changes your life in ninety-six minute American teen film, this is what I would wear on the first three days of school.
Also, if I was mean black cheerleader and/or manic pixie doll who changes your life, I'd have really witty comebacks and a fresh-to-death weave that I would flip whenever I'd hit you with one of my stellar quips. I'd spend all my time at the mall in Topshop and River Island, artsy cafes downtown where Indie guys do spoken word and all my boyfriends will have had played all state basketball. I wouldn't fucks with no B-team.

In my next life I have to be mean black cheerleader.

back to school outfit

back to school outfits

flared shorts

Khenzo xx

1 comment:

  1. Love the first outfit best! I kinda want to be a hardcore punk in my next life, or a unicorn we'll see.


We can also talk about the overweight, grey cat I'm gonna name Atticus one day or how you're feeling.

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