Tuesday, 7 January 2014

[Collection] Call Me When September Ends

From the top:

  1. Me in our villa's kitchen, opening up some sunflower oil about to fry up some fish like a bad mama jammer
  2. It was my baby brother's 6th birthday party on Saturday, the 4th, and he got a really cool intricate cake that made me wonder if my mom even went half the trouble for my 6th birthday - she didn't
  3. My baby brother and his missing tooth and giant eyes with the world's greatest eyelashes to match. Notice that his eyebrow game is also proper
  4. Some of brother's grumpy friends waiting for the cake to be cut and not knowing any of the birthday songs their drunk parents were yelling (been there)

I think 2014's off to a really great start. I'm kind of finally getting my life in gear and stuff. I've had several visions about the projects I want to do (like make a short film and make nifty jewellry stands and stuff for my future vanity table), Sandy Nene, the founded of South African Bloggers, not only knows about my shit but asked me to be the photographer for the website so I'll definitely being doing a lot of photography this year. My dad's letting me have a birthday party for my sixteenth and I've had a million visions of how great and magical it's going to be.

How great are these Beyonce gifs? I'm trying not to be too teen girly (but then again, that's who I am) by constantly compulsively obsessing over BEYONCE but she's inspired me to just get my life and get on to making some cool shit with cool people. Tomorrow waits for no one because by tonight, the King could drop a platinum album in between wrapping her hair and putting the baby down.

I hope in 2014 you stop being a scary faggot pussy and follow those dreams you got so you can do cool shit with me. This is to everyone.
- Tyler, the Creator
 These are from a classmate's birthday pool party in October. I'm sad I didn't swim because after our trip to Mozambique I'm head over heels for swimming pools. I'm trying to get my dad around to installing one so that I can swim everyday. Once I start swimming everyday, my legs will become thinner and my stomach tighter and I'll be able to hold my breath for longer, water fairies will visit and turn me into a mermaid. IT IS ALL IN THE PLAN.
 In case you weren't aware, our Bad Gal Riri inspires all my hair decisions and around October last year, I got braids so that I could grow my hair out in a chic, punk rock bob (image one)(and end up going to the salon less because hiding growth would be a lot easier) but I kind of miss seeing my hair everyday and I also miss how easy (some things were) it was with my little pixie cut (image two) so I figure I'd compromise and go a little longer (images three and four).

I think I felt super badass with my short hair and when it was looking it's best, I was having the time of my life, flipping off idiots and being a big, bad, mean motherfucker but the braids were more fun to style.
Notice me rocking blue lips with my pixie cut and then notice me being sleazy and two parts trendy with my braids and brown lipliner. 

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