Sunday, 19 January 2014

[Outfit Post] Crazy How the World Looks Different

back to school house party
Oh my god, we did it, we did it.
I've survived the first three days of grade eleven and only got one stress pimple. Can I please get a round of half-hearted applause? Next week (well, tomorrow actually) we're off to camp and I don't even know how to feel about what the Drakkensburg will do to my hair.

A kid from school had a belated birthday/welcome-back party (well, in my head it was a welcome back party) and I've been so desperate to escape the very un-Johannesburg like heatwave and the fact that there's nothing on TV that I arrived early to a party for the first time in my life.
It was just kids from school, which means it amounted to, like, less than thirty people. We ( I ) ate plenty of carbs (five slices of cake, you guys), drank bad energy drinks and I taught all the boys how to dance like white girls at the klerrb. As you can tell, it was a really lovely night with some people I like, laying on the grass, jamming to Top 40 hits.

kimono skater skirt forever 21 cotton onkimono skater skirt forever 21 cotton on
I was at a total loss when it came to what to wear. I've always believed the only thing to do in weather approaching the 40s, was be naked under a ceiling fan but apparently that's not always appropriate.
I'm wearing a crop top and kimono from Cotton On, H&M skirt that I had to roll up because it's two sizes too big for my waist (I saw it in the sales bin and just lunged without checking - oops) and the Rage flats my mommy bought me.
In terms of makeup I'm rocking an overpriced lip pencil from Smashbox and a fuck it all, Childish Gambino is everything attitude from Because the Internet. You're welcome.
house party pissed off white girl
pretty girls house party
best friends
cute girls south africacute girls house party
fun house party
I'm really sorry I'm boring but it's late and dancing like white girls at the klerrb really takes it out of you.
Khenzo xx


  1. Love that kimono <3

  2. I love these photos, looks like you guys had so much fun!
    fab outfit as well darling x


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