Friday, 10 January 2014

[Moodboard] Summer Lovin'

cosmopolitan summer fashion
From Cosmopolitan, South Africa, some time summer 2013
Ever since I watched Running In Heels, The Devil Wears Prada and, of course, Ugly Betty in primary school I had my mind made up as to where I was supposed to go in life. I would become the bad ass, whip cracking, stiletto heeled editor-in-chief of a fabulous, well-red Conde Nast publication. I would make and break careers, go to fabulous parties where the champagne is on tap, have models kiss my ass, wear fabulous couture gowns and be the ultimate taste maker.
All in between being a rocket scientist, novelist, mother of ten, Jaden Smith's wife, television presenter and songstress, of course.

But obviously I'm teenaged now and I don't know anything about growing up and life after high school and making big decisions (and ten kids, really?) (like, why?). I digress.

Because of this life goal, I started collecting fashion magazines for prosperity, reference and what have you. Also, I waned to be the cool grandmother (ugh, more talk of bearing children) with, like, every issue of your favourite magazine since 1939.

Not surprisingly, I hoard hundreds of magazines but never really go through them ever again even though I bookmark important articles for later when I'm old (OK, this is becoming a recurring theme). I thought I'd try to get into the spirit of hot death and summer by posting my favourite summer fashion spreads from Cosmopolitan and Glamour, the most extensive of my collection (do not judge me) (I only started collecting Elle and Marie Claire late in the year) (and Vogue is so expensive, like thanks Obama) (I only buy Cosmo for the clothes) (and sexiest man calendar) (and when you collect a certain amount, the spines create an image) (yeah, of a man, but it's still pretty cool) (oh my God, do you wanna see the pictures or not?).
70s fashion floral printcosmopolitan fashion editorial

70s retro fashioncosmopolitan south african fashion editorial

retro 70s fashion printscosmopolitan fashion south africa summer
 Above are all from Cosmopolitan
nina dobrev for cosmopolitan

nina dobrev for cosmopolitan

nina dobrev for cosmopolitan
Nina Dobrev for Cosmopolitan, 2013
glamour magazine high fashion black model
yves saint laurent glamor magazine
glamor magazine south africa teen witch
dark side fashion editorial punk
glamor magazine denim lee jeans
fashion editorial eclectic tulle skirt
Above from Glamour
And more from Cosmopolitan
Khenzo xx

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