Saturday, 12 October 2013

[Photography] The Book of Love {Wedding Inspiration}

By Jonas Peterson
Despite some of its faults (not to name anything but, ehrm, bad wi-fi), Reddam has this beautiful foundation in community work and philanthropy. I'm amazed at the willingness of everyone to help out and participate and I'm even more amazed at one of its latest projects: planning, coordinating and hosting a wedding completely free for a (I don't wanna say disadvantaged but) disadvantaged couple who really don't have the means to pay for a wedding right now.

Parents are bring in decorations, ministers, students are baking cakes and preparing gourmet meals and pretty much everyone is helping out in any and every way. I offered to be one of the photographers for the event because it was the least I could do and I don't trust myself to make any meal with the pressure of knowing a hundred people are going to try it out, you know?

I've spent hours looking at wedding blogs, Pinterest and the lot looking at wedding photographers and studying photography styles. The photographers that have piqued my interest the most are Jonas Peterson, Samm Blake and Emma Jane from Emma Jane Nation. They all have this cinematic approach to their photos, going through their portfolios is like seeing a montage on One Tree Hill or, I don't know, Scrubs.
They capture all these perfect little moments where the dad is tearing up at the sight of his daughter or a granny is laughing at something one of the groomsmen said or when the bride and groom are looking into each other's eyes at the altar.

There's also this sharpness to the photos, this clarity. And that makes me think of The September Issue when Grace talks about how she likes everything with soft edges and rosy but most people want it pinched and sharp, but most of these photographers have found a way to combine that pinched and rosy aspect.
From We're The Parsons
Above images by Jonas Peterson
Above are by Samm Blake

Above images are from Lad & Lass Photography (Emma Jane)
Personally, I don't ever plan on getting married but now I really want to have a wedding. Maybe I'll get a wedding-dress-tracksuit made, collect some people who can serve as witnesses, have a song and dance number and then marry the best person in the world: Sue Sylvester!

Forever alone and forever yours (and Sue Sylvester/Jane Lynch if you're reading this),
Khenzo xx

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