Monday, 21 October 2013

[Photography] Megan Jane, Queen of the Neighbourhood

Megan Jane Who

I've finally managed to wrangle one of my beautiful and well-dressed friends into starting a blog! Finally, someone will just empathetically nod when I go on about what a bitch my tripod was yesterday or how I was only late because I had to take a quick outfit photo for this here blog.

Introducing: Megan Who by Megan Jane Koster. Yesterday, we did a little photo shoot in her backyard in between HTML coding, Photoshopping headers and eating way too much food (buffalo wings, pizza, chocolate muffins, toasted sandwiches, chicken salads - and that was just breakfast). Eventually these and a lot more will be up on her blog too.

Khenzo xx

Hula hoop girlBlond hipster Docs
retro denim shirt
teenage bedroom
jewelry display
getting ready
blonde hipster dream big
hipster on tumblr


  1. Seems like it was lots of fun, funny hey - none of my friends think blogging is somehow 'cool' or a great way to be heard and actually grow your online presence and writing skills. Great post K

    1. I completely understand that. I'm fortunate enough to know some really talented creatives who would just thrive as bloggers, they're writers and artists and have the unique much-needed voices, yet they wouldn't consider blogging. I guess there's some stigma around what it is to be a blogger or perhaps having an opinion and wanting to share that opinion are two very different things.

  2. Just discovered your blog and I'm impressed :) you are going straight to my RSS feed


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