Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Mood board: Nasty Gals Do It Better, Bad Girls Do It Well

Image: Nasty Gal

The buzz of anticipation and excitement's coursing through my veins right now but that might be because I've been living on Sprite Zero for the past four days - c'est la vie, baby. A really great organisation, RockCorps, approached our school to participate in their Give Get Given campaign. This is their first time in Africa and it would be beyond beyond to be a part of it. Their aim is to get teenagers involved in community uplift and charity projects with the reward of a concert by popular artists and a big school dance paid for by Coca-Cola (previously Orange).

All the teenagers - us - have to do is make a whole bunch of noise on social media, getting our name out and if we're the school with the most cake, all we do is do a great four hours of charity work and then we get to breathe the same air as Ciara and lose our breath trying to keep in time to Busta Rhymes.

In order to make some serious noise and stand out from other twerping high schools, my friends and I came up with the idea of doing a Cola themed photo shoot. This is probably the best thing since sliced bread. Not only is this great for our campaign but it means I get to work on my photography skills and hopefully have something decent for my portfolio should I decide to go to a fashion school (that's a confusing story for another day).

Here's some of my mood board for the photo shoot:
I'm thinking M.I.A's Bad Girls meets Nasty Gals do it better meets Unapologetic Rihanna meets I'm just a girl Gwen Stefani meets Cola by Lana Del Rey with a dash of grunge rocker chic and a sprinkle of you're not my real dad teen angst, you feel me? Oh, and Cara Delevigne's eyebrows because they are everything.
Images from The Lot, Rookie and Tumblr (source unknown)
Images from Rookie, Tumblr, Nasty Gal
Screen shot from Bad Girls music video
Image: Nasty Gal

Image: The Lot (Sugar High Lookbook)

Image: Who Is Paul Ward
Image: Nasty Gal 

Image: The Lot

 Above images from Tumblr (sources unknown)

"Life fast, die young, leave a good-looking corpse." - James Dean

Khenzo xx


  1. To be honest right now I cannot think of a better concept. Its THE ishh right here.

    1. Really? Thank you. It's the best thing ever when people understand my "vision", so to speak. I don't feel so much like a crazy lunatic creative.


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