Sunday, 6 October 2013

[Outfit Post] VIP Mickey D's - No Guest List

Sleeveless denim jacket - thrift store in Istanbul
Lace crop top - YDE
Sweatpants - thrift store in Istanbul
Stacked platforms - Topshop
Sling bag - Zara
Leather bands - Jay Jays
Blue statement ring - Sass Diva

I strapped on a clunky pair of stacked platforms and ran for the stars. I told you to throw away your bars and grab a six pack of Cola, where we're going we don't need anything but our eyes and our hands. I know that sometimes it's hard and the music might be a bit too loud but are ears really good for anything? I want to be done with all the lies and all the poison. 
You feel me? Come on, please, let's soar. Higher and higher and then we'll take a plunge because we're not playing by anyone's rules but those of our hearts.

South African Fashion Week was the cheese to my biscuit and my beautiful friends were the promise of Parmesan with my free pizza. And who doesn't love bare foot after parties at McDonald's? Your go to accessories are your heels in one hand and an Oreo McFlurry in the other. Make sure your mates can't stop giggling and if you haven't cracked a rib laughing you're not doing anything right. Don't forget to get some fries with that shake.

Khenzo xx

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