Monday, 30 December 2013

[Outfit Post] I Got Big Deals And I Got Little Things

Insert asshole statement: oldie but a goodie. I wore this a couple of days before I left for Mozambique.
Anyway, a few things:

A List of Go Away Options:
1. Take a trip east and come back a week later, boasting about all the culture you absorbed and how zen you've become.
2. Fly out west and spend two weeks washing sea salt from your hair when you get back. Support Eco-terrorists and quit red meat.
3. Road trip north with your best friend's family. Kiss as many foregin boys as you can and don't apologise. Blush when people back home ask about your new piercings.
4. Sneak into South Beach clubs and chain smoke herbal cigarettes. Read War & Peace and wear your hair in braids. Lose yourself in reggae.
5. Get a hotel room in cash. Invite people over and never leave for anything but balloons and confetti. Laugh about it later in artsy cafes.

Holiday Playlist:
1) songs that make me wish you were here
2) songs that make me wish you were dead
3) songs that make me wish I was dead
Shit I've Tweeted (which I obviously think is really clever):

  • one day the portraits of those love sick 'fools' will become a series of mirrors and you won't even realise
  • give up on nutrition, never charge your phone and get high as a kite
  • because one day you will play those songs again and you'll realise they're just sweet melodies and not anthems for your broken soul
  • my skies are clouded and stars never come out. but you would never know, you're all the way down on Earth
  • her lies weren't nearly as filthy as her vagina
  • if you're ultimate goal in life is to be happy, you're going to end up miserable.
  • hot guys don't rob you of anything but your will to continue breathing without them
  • i'm just a boiling pot of frustration. i'm tired of ignorant people always getting in my way..
  • jhene aiko is so good for the soul.

Happy New Year, kids
Khenzo x

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