Saturday, 21 December 2013

[Outfit Post] The Vapors

twist outs high waist jeans
afro chic tumblr girl
I put my braids up in these, what we'll call, dreadlocks to avoid any of them falling (I am approaching the three month mark here) and now I feel like I've become one of those eclectic, thrifty ethnic Tumblr girls who own vintage FUBU and hang out in Maboneng at restaurants with punny names.
And I'm wearing one of my mom's tanks from the olden days (the 90s) and I fashioned my leather arm band as a choker, so I'm already halfway there.

Now all I have to do is listen to Ab-Soul, talk about the lack of representation of women of colour in the fashion industry (which we probably should be doing already) and be team-natural-hair-but-you-can't-touch-my-natural-hair-did-I-mention-my-hair-is-natural-team-natural-baby. Looking pissy is also a reallu important aspect to the Tumblr girl dream.
tiny waist
cake by the pound

Necessity is the mother of convention, Jhene Aiko is great for the soul and I don't know, I'm just saying some great shit because all I do is listen to Jhene Aiko and all my artwork has been inspired by her and Picasso's blue period.
I don't want to say that I'm sad or anything, god, that's work but I don't want to patronise myself and reduce it to just teenage-y things because I hate it when people do that. Your age doesn't make how you feel any less important. I think at this stage in life, adolescence, your forever, is probably the only time you ever truly feel things, you know?
Because when you're young you're not plagued by things like taxes and what your mom will think (well, I guess you still sort of kind of care because she's the one who allows you to buy all those Jhene Aiko songs) and how happy you are to not be so young and dependent and pathetic anymore. You just feel how feel. You cry in the bath tub and you spend English II falling apart in hysterics, you get stoned and proclaim your love for everyone because you're really not as moody as you'd like everyone to believe(don't do drugs, kids) and when someone breaks your heart, you feel it just as strongly (or even more) as a 40 year old woman whose lost everything.

"I'm young, my heart can take it."

I'm leaving for Mozambique today (six hour roadtrip - wish me luck)

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