Sunday, 29 December 2013

[Travel] Mozambique Was Good to Us

On my final day in Bilene, Mozambique all I hoped was that I'd remember the trip forever even if it meant I would over-romanticize it and imagine things that weren't there of didn't really happen. Actually, I hope I do. Because even though the food service was slow, the sun beat down everyday (my face is literally the colour of dirt right now), the boarder gates hot, uncomfortable, smelly and my hands constantly smelt like prawns (don't ask), it was the best trip of my life.
I hate to perpetuate the stereotype of little girls finding themselves in Africa, especially after heartbreak (all true in my face) but I didn't so much find myself as I just remembered who I was. If that even makes sense.

I highly suggest that everyone visit Mozambique and I also recommend that you fly there because we spent fifteen hours - day and night - in the belly of our vehicle and, oh, we did not come out the same (little Warsan Shire reference there, ten points if you caught that).

All I did everyday for six days was swim, read, write, swim, eat and, like, be. It was paradise being able to sleep and dream again, like the person I once was, not the insomniac robot obsessed with the opinions of others and how many calories were in a loaf of naan (a lot, by the way).

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