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Talking to: Lisa Jasmin from Dear Fashion

Nineteen year old German blogger and makeup artist Lisa from Dear Fashion is a treat. Sincerely so. She has the prettiest blue eyes and her bone structure makes the Tyra Banks in me excited. If I had to sum her style I'd say it was that casual chic you read about in magazines but when you try it out for yourself you're either under dressed or confused. I think being effortless is a birth right, you know? Putting her European aesthetic aside (seriously, how do they do it?) I also admired her, if you will, tolerance. I've grown around people who are very set in their ways and in the fashion community you see many people who believe that there's really only one right way to dress (which is dictated by the celebrities they idolise and the magazines they read) so Lisa was a breath of fresh air.

What got you into the world of blogging?
It came naturally, I just wanted to show my relatives my pictures from my travelling experiences and I searched for a way to make the pictures visible for everyone, everywhere. That was the beginning of my blog.

Who are your favourite fashion bloggers?
Definitely Kristina Bazan. There's no other blog that I love as much as hers.
If you could have dinner with any of the biggest names in fashion, dead or alive, who would it be and why? I really have no idea because I have so many designers [and] journalists that inspire me so much.

How would you describe the way you dress and what influences your style?
I think that my style is really versatile. I love to dress casual chic; like wearing pumps, nice chino pants and a pretty blouse. But there are also many days where I feel edgy and start wearing Jeffrey Campbell Litas or just something really crazy. My mood creates my style every day.

Are there any style rules/guidelines you follow or rebel against?
I don't follow any rules, because I think if you like the way you dress, it doesn't matter if there's a mix of pattern or anything like that. I totally rebel against the rule that you shouldn't mix styles! I think it's cute to wear a really cute dress with a dark leather jacket.

Describe yourself in ten adjectives.
Chic, trashy, weird, versatile, casual, different, make-up addicted, nuts, classy and girly.

Name five items you never leave your house without and why.
My boyfriend (because he simply belongs to me), my iPhone 4S (because it's just a life saver, haha), my purse (because we need money to survive, right?), my MAC cosmetics Myth lipstick (because it's the most gorgeous lipstick ever) and last but definitely not least my hair tie (because I hate eating with my hair open).

How did you become a make-up artist?
Well, I'm still in training. I currently visit a make up school in my region but I'll finish school in a month. I just had a passion for makeup and my parents are really supportive, so I just went ahead and started and I love it.

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to pursue a career in make-up?
Just learn, learn and learn. Suck up tips and tricks like a sponge and try to get to know make up artists that can help you to become better every day. But the main thing is: have passion for make up and love what you're doing!

What are your favourite styles and looks in regards to hair and make-up?
I love the fishtail braid. But for me personally I just love having my hair really sleek. For make up I love freaky, colourful looks! I love coloured eyeshadow, lipstick, whatever. I also love smokey eyes with really flawless skin. But without nice eyebrows, no look will look perfect!
Are there any trends this year that you're in love with and any that you'd like to see die?
I really like the trend of casual pumps. The last year it was really trendy to wear plateau shoes or boots and I liked that as well but this year I am really pleased with the simple high heels. There's not really a trend that I hate because if someone likes it and feel comfortable wearing it, why should I complain? I don't have to walk around with it, right?

Lastly, what is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received and from whom? The best advice I got was at an after show party from a hair stylist/make up artist that I really liked. He told me that if I can put make up on somebody that had, like, a plastic surgery "all over her face", I could put on make up on everybody.

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All images are from Dear Fashion.

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  1. Thank you for this really cute interview. I appreciate it so much. It was such a pleasure to meet you!

    Lots of love,
    Lisa jasmin


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