Tuesday, 2 July 2013

[Outfit Post] Living Life in the Fast Lane, I Won't Change for the Glamourous

Somedays I like to pretend I have a holiday job and I get up every morning six am and go to work in my work suspenders and my work tights (which are also my under-my-school-tights-tights) and just have a jolly ol' nine to five day at a cool, trendy retail store that sells purses and matching belts and quirky cellphone covers and ironic T-shirts. Then when I'm on my Tumblr break (because this store is urban and hip and not frequented too often for me to actually, you know, 'work') one of friends texts me, "Wanna catch a movie? Man of Steel is out :D" and I obviously can't resist a good superhero movie (even if it is another lame DC comics one).
But I can't possibly check out Clark Kent in my work suspenders and tights. I need to look evening casual. Going all the way home would be a waste of time and uneconomical, hence I have my change-up kit: a cropped jean jacket, suede platforms and some black lipstick. If I was a lot more prepared I'd have some gold jewelry and a battery-operated hair straightener. (Even in my imagination I'm unorganised.)
So I go from this:
Blouse, Suspenders, Skirt: Mr Price, Tights and Boots: Ackerman's

To this snazzy dressed girl:

Jacket: Edgars, Lipstick:  Ms Signature from Signature in Hatfield, Shoes: Cotton On

"Let me ask you something, kid, have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?"
Quick note: I watched the original live action Batman movie last night and despite my discontempt for Bruce Wayne (he's so mean and self-involved and he doesn't even have any real super powers, he's just a bitter rich man who can't appreciate all the good things in his life) I really enjoyed it. After Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson's portrayal of the Joker was bomb.com.

And these are some photos that have been waiting to see the Wi-Fi light on my camera. I'm really proud of the first one because that was achieved when I was playing around with the settings on my Canon and then bam: the angels are calling me!

 So I'm not the kind of person who cuts stuff out from magazines (last year I decided I was going to build a mega collection of magazines a la Charlotte Beverwil from Poseur -- read it, by Rachel Maude) but I don't really value my Grazia magazines all that much plus the editorials are pretty decent and the paper's texture is brilliant so here goes. My little moodboard/collage things.

Yours, Khenzo
PS Tomorrow I'm going to Gold Reef City with my mains's mains and you should be jealous. :)

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