Tuesday, 2 July 2013

I've Got a Sin to Confess [I love The Lot]

In many ways The Lot is similar to Nasty Gal in that they sell really great clothes that make me feel like my life would be ten times better if I owned them all (like if I had that spiked bustier I wouldn't break out for ten months or if I had the Jeffrey Campbell Litas I would never get cramps ever again, like never) and you've got to appreciate clothes that make you feel like that. But The Lot is better because it's right here in South Africa but then it sucks because their stores are only in Cape Town but then it gets better because they have an online store but then it sucks again because shipping is R89 (I'm ride-or-die for free shipping, yo). But, ah, another one, it's great again because shipping is in two to three days and free, fuh-ree, on orders over R500 -- which isn't relatively a lot to spend at The Lot since most of their items are from R90 to R1200. While that breaks my bank quite a bit, it's not as ridiculous as Topshop or Mango.

Anyway, I was browsing through the site as I usually am and I found this fantastic lookbook which brings out my inner Taylor Momsen (you know, if I was a leggy blond with blond extensions and a flair for dark eye makeup and was allowed to use a hooker's toothbrush -- look it up).
I don't have much to say for the photos because I think they speak for themselves. And I would love to spend every other afternoon with these guys, the times I'm not with them I would be shopping at The Lot. Ah, in a perfect world, you know.

All photos are from The Lot.
Khenzo xx

Random Disclaimer: this is a scheduled post so if this lookbook or the clothes advertised here aren't available on The Lot website when this post is up it's because this was written on the 26 June and I can't foresee the future. Even though I want to so bad.

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