Friday, 5 July 2013

[Outfit Post] If Money Talks, Nelson Mandela is My Spokesperson

Now I'm going to think twice about complaining about spending all my time in the confines of my bedroom, watching YouTube tutorials and reading Pick A Poppy books because I'm so tired (but I'm still going to do it, don't get me twisted).
There comes a time in every girl's life when she must venture out into the wilderness that is any Home Affairs in South Africa. I hate Home Affairs which is why I've put off getting my ID for so long. The people there are never friendly, it's stuffy, humid, over-crowded and the service is seriously slow. But enough about my customer discontent; we went to the Home Affairs in Soweto and my dad decided to make a giant history lesson out of it.
1) I hate being a tourist. Especially in my own country.
2) I saw the Holy Grail of Oreos today but my camera died before I could take a photo and hang it up on my wall of fame for future generations.
3) It was really, really cold today.
Cardigan : Mr Price (here)  - Peplum top (ugh, first and last time I believe the hype): Mr Price (similar here), Jeans: Mr Price Kids - Shoes: Jet (similar here) - Necklace: originally from Jay Jays, stolen from one my bitch negroes - Bag: Nikon D300 Camera Bag

We went to the Hector Pieterson Museum and the Mandela House. My dad and brother took loads of tourist-y photos but I'm not gonna post them. And here are some older photos I found on my dad's camera that I never got around to uploading:
This is Alizwa, one of my bitch negroes. She and I can never agree on who Elena on The Vampire Diaries should be with (I say Damon and she says wrong stuff) but we can agree that The Mindy Project is bomb, we love The Great Gatsby but not any of the characters besides Nick and Cinnabon chocolate cupcakes are everything.
Me [Top: Mr Price (here) - Faux-Fur Gilet: Edgars - Jeans: Mr Price - Boots: Ackerman's - Bag: Cotton On - Ring: Jay Jays - Watch: gift
This was me wearing L.A Girls Perfecting Liquid Makeup in (what I think was either) Mahogany or Dark Cocoa. Really great.

Khenzo xx

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  1. hey you, was looking for who did the song that had those lines "If Money Talks, Nelson Mandela is My Spokesperson" and came across your blog among my search results. will holla on instagram (i'm xavierobi) and twitter (@chukaobi). my FB name is Chuka Anthony Obi. Feel fre to hola anytime. good work on the blog.


We can also talk about the overweight, grey cat I'm gonna name Atticus one day or how you're feeling.

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