Wednesday, 19 February 2014

P R O M with ModCloth

P R O M with ModCloth

P R O M with ModCloth by khenzonatalia showing what to wear with beaded medallions
I was recently approached by ModCloth to enter their Polyvore Blogger competition and this week's theme was prom (which coincides with The Carrie Diaries season two junior-senior prom episode - eek, how parfait?). Now, I've unfortunately never been to prom (and probably won't ever get invited) but I've watched and studied enough American film and television to know pretty much everything about it that I've planned and dreamt one up almost every year or every time I saw a prom episode. 

Would I be Prom Queen or {insert something clever yet cheesy that rhymes}?

Khenzo xx


  1. This is such a cool prom look! AH that episode of the carrie diaries <3

  2. Love those shoes, they're gorgeous!:) X


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