Thursday, 20 February 2014

[Outfit Post] Hollywood's Infected Your Brain

topshop high waisted jeans and faux dr. martens
I don't even know what my weekends are anymore now that I have AP English on Saturday mornings which means no going out on Fridays which could possibly mean no going out ever because I have so much art homework all the time (and maths to study for because I'm really pushing for all As this year) and then there's pilates on Sunday mornings (ohmyyygod, don't go there) and all my friends wanna kick until the AMs and I just can't anymore, guys, I'm sorrryyyy.
- OK, crisis over. -

Anyway, I think I'm going to dedicate a piggy bank to save money to buy more of these beautifully cut and shaped Topshop Joni jeans. They are the epitomy of everything blue jeans have ever been said/sold to be but better. What sucks, though, is that I've lost a teensy bit of weight (which is usually a whoohoo) but now they're folding and getting a little saggy and it hurts because I'll never find another love like this.
mr price silver ear cuff with chain
topshop joni jeans are the best
outfit of the day featuring mr price ear chain and dr. martens
Last Thursday we went on a trip to the CBD to visit the Standard Bank Gallery and the Goodman Gallery to see and be assimilated by Walter Oltmann and Gabrielle Goliath. They're both such amazing artists and it was all parts chilling, inspiring and just plain amazing to see their works. Right now they're in my top five South African artists and I can't wait to see more of Gabriel Goliath's work.
I should be writing an A++ review on them right now for tomorrow but instead I'm playing around with my MS Paint, sitting in front of the fan, watching 7th Heaven reruns and praying for some cheese sandwiches and juice.
the goodman gallery the buck stops here sign
painting by walter oltmann and the standard bank gallery johannesburg
wire installation by walter oltmann standard bank gallery
Painting by Walter Oltmann (along with my dear Shai looking like a creep)
And then a wire work by Walter Oltmann
gabriel goliath's faces of war goodman gallery johannesburg
gabriel goliath faces of war
1st: Gabrielle Goliath's Faces of War
2nd: Photo I took of my friend, Shai, with one of the pieces from Goliath's collection
Below: more work from Walter Oltmann - all of them mostly wire
wire installation by walter oltmann at the standard bank gallery johannesburg
wire installation by walter oltmann at the standard bank gallery johannesburg
standard bank art gallery
wire installation by walter oltmann at the standard bank gallery johannesburg
Khenzo xx


  1. urgh khensani you have such a beautiful figure, and these jeans look amazing! I also love how you've edited the outfit pics.<3

    1. Ooooh my god, Matilda, that is so nice! And thanks, MS Paint is mah bff xx

  2. Editing of the outfit photos is fab! Those jeans look so good on you xo

  3. Hey girl!
    I recently discovered your blog (via I think?) and I just wanted to let you know that I love it, you're adorable, and I'm featuring your blog in a link round up on my blog (
    Have a good weekend!
    x Nikkidee

    1. Wow, oh, wow! Thanj you so much, I really appreciate that.

    2. No prob! Here it is:

  4. Thr artwork was too cool! I hope you dont have to part with those topshop jeans b/c they look so good on you! The editing on the photos is superb! Omg ive did pilates a couple times and it hurts but really works. Miley cyrus does it too :p

    1. Argh, thank you. That means a lot. Pilates is such a pain but if I can have Miley's abs then so be it.

  5. Awesome outfit and super cool pics!!
    Very great job :)


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