Sunday, 16 February 2014

[Outfit Post] The Feels Keep Coming

romantic photography sleeping black girl
60s inspired outfitshift dress and high heel sandals
Friday night we had a Seniors' Valentines' Cocktail thing and all my better plans were destroyed so I went. It was a good excuse to dress up and just dance and flip imaginary weaves. But it also reminded me why Valentines' Day is such a poo fest.

It really upset me that a day that started out so well, with me being really excited about all the gifts my friends and I got and gave each other and feeling pretty good about, like, everything, ended up with me feeling lonely and like I was missing out on some bigger picture. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I need a boyfriend or anything and there moments of pure magic when I was singing and dancing and stuffing my face (like every single girl at a couples party) but it was just so saddening, I guess, and/or nauseating when I was surrounded by couples, being cute and slow dancing and making out and there I was at the buffet table eating stale bread and consoling myself.

That's the dark side to Valentines' Day, I guess. But now with some retrospect, I know I only felt those things because I was being attacked at every angle with romance, love and the sort.
black girl short relaxed pixie cut
I was feeling very mod that night, well at least I think I was, so I wore this tiny shift dress thing from Mr Price, ye old sequin skirt and my David Tlale for LEGiT sandals (which have been high up on my shelves for almost a year now, only touched once). I got this really great ear cuff and beaded necklaces from Mr Price too - my dad let me indulge a little bit the other day (but it's not really indulging since everything was really cheap and I spent just under R200 on a bomber jacket, a romper, the tiny shift dress thing, beaded necklaces and my ear cuff). And who am I if I'm without rings and my leather band as a choker?

I felt a little flapper like with my short hear and exposed (broad?) shoulders and kind of Twiggy like as well with my short skirt and beads and bare legs.
sixties mod pixie cut and shift dress
david tlale for legit sandals
Khenzo xx


  1. Like the dress and the sandals - I can see both Twiggy and flapper vibes. I know what you mean, I don't really care about Valentines day at all until it is all thrown in my face and I am surrounded by couples. I think it's the sort of out of sight out of mind thing, so you don't care as long as it's not in your face haha. <3 (had to put a heart on the theme of course)

    1. Thank you, I felt like such an idiot as soon as I typed that. And at least's it all over now! So glad you're back from you trip

  2. You looked amazing babe! I love the accessories :)


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