Saturday, 15 February 2014

[Outfit Post] Smushy Love Songs

highlighted quote from j.d salinger's franny and zoey
white blouse under lilac bandeau and black velvet skirtdr. martens cotton on black velvet skirt
I can' think of any love song lyrics on the one day it's actually relevant. Especially considering what a mushy, heartfelt day it was filled with roses, dirty jokes and sweets. I think this has been the first Valentines' Day since 2008 that I didn't feel anti-establishment/like the whole world is dumb/why am I alone, am I gonna be this way forever/why don't I ever get roses and cards and shit I don't really want/what is wrong with everyone.
I'd like to think I've grown in that I've come to accept Valentines' Day as what it is and that it's fun time to spoil my friends or dress up or live vicariously through my friends' romantic escapades.

I wore a Mr Price blouse and bandeau (that got ruined in the wash), a Cotton On velvet skirt and my faux Martens from Zando.
blouse spiked collar
dirty dr. marterns
franny and zooey by j.d. salinger
If you followed Tavi, which you should be doing right now, you'd have been made aware of Franny and Zoey. This novel is the best thing to have happened to me since The Catcher in the Rye and Under the Dome this summer. These are just some of my favourite quotes:
highlighted quote from j.d salinger's franny and zooey
highlighted quote from j.d salinger's franny and zooey
highlighted quote from j.d salinger's franny and zooey

In other news I GOT MY PHONE BACK! And it's better than ever. There aren't anymore scratches and chips on the sides, it doesn't vibrate randomly, the main camera works and it's like all the sunshine is on me.
Also, here are a few pages from my Starbucks moleskin journal:
12 steps to reaching nirvana
moleskin journal page and rocky horror show souvenir
journal drawings starbucks moleskin
cell phone withdrawal illustration moleskin journal
moleskin journal illustrations

Khenzo xx


  1. I love this outfit! Its so Alexa Chung meets Britney Spears in the best way. :-) Glad you had a good holiday and i must say your journal is too cool. Ive heard Tavi mention this book I plan to read it. Those quotes are deeper than the ocean...

  2. I've been meaning to read that book ever since Tavi mentioned it, I am very excited. Your boots are fab and your journal is amazing - the drawings especially! xo

    1. You really, really, really have to! It's so amazing and a little absurdist, I think. And thank you times ten!

  3. I have complete and utter Salinger envy. For a while his wiki page was my religion. Hopefully I'll be reading more of him.

    Also, your faux docs are kind of a need.


    1. I hope I can too, the only Salinger novel I've read was Catcher in the Rye (who hasn't?). And thanks <3


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