Saturday, 2 November 2013

[Outfit Post] Baby, It's Yours, Nobody Else's

black lipstick box braidsbox braids velvet skirt
Jersey - thrift store in Istanbul | Velvet skirt - (R50, you guys!) at Cotton On | Creepers - somewhere in Istanbul

Don't judge me but the photos are low-quality on purpose, I made my little brother take fifty photos with my dad's iPhone - mine is borderline broken so the back camera only works on Tuesday afternoons - because I wanted to get that creased, grainy childhood photo look. Yeah, I'm turning into quite the hipster.

So I have braids again. I'm trying to say that as nonchalantly as possible especially since it took me three and a half hours of pain, anxiety and wanting-to-rip-the-skin-off-my-arms-like-why-are-you-pulling-so-hard-on-my-scalp-can-you-not-just-die. I'm contemplating growing my hair out into a chic bob that's going to come out so ratchet, I'll cry. Ma vie, folks.
cotton on velvet skirtwu-tang forever velvet skirt

Khenzo xx


We can also talk about the overweight, grey cat I'm gonna name Atticus one day or how you're feeling.

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