Sunday, 8 September 2013

[Outfit Post] We Only Said Goodbye with Words

I'd always thought red was the colour of the county of Trash and Declasse, you know? Red nails, bright red lipstick (the sort frequented by flight attendants) and slinky, red dress, right? So why, why, was I lathering it onto my press on nails right before my friends and I went on to paint the town in very same colour?
Turns out red nail polish was just like patterned leggings: I'd seen it done wrong so many times by people in the street that I'd given up on it but my boo thang, Kelicia, had it on and it looked so good (the nail polish, not the leggings) that I just had to try it.
I had to.
And it was the best.

Last night we hit Rosebank like it had never been slapped by four foxy mamas (that you don't wanna mess with), which, considering, it probably never has. We went to Wakaberry, took too many selfies, exchanged shoes, ran to Primi's (because they have CHEESECAKE, like, cheeeeeeeeesecake) and I felt all warm and fuzzy inside because I'd missed these girls so much and I just knew that it was with them that I'll always belong.
I know it's just high school and I'm probably still high off of last night's adventures (seriously, I'm pretty sure we scarred all the innocent patrons who dared enter The Zone) but sometimes you just click with people and you're going to stay clicking. They're the people you look back every so fondly upon when you're filled with silicon and Botox and anti-aging creams ten years from now.

Khenzo xx

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