Sunday, 3 February 2013

[Outfit Post] Come and Rest Your Bones with Me

Round sunglasses [free] from the December issue of Elle, Mr Price gold chain, belted maxi dress from Cotton On, gold slippers from Mr Price
I'm really feeling curly hair right now. It's not something I've ever really tried before--the weight in this heat is horrific--but they are quite fun and ringlets are always real cute. I'm not the biggest dress person because they're rather one dimensional but a maxi dress is great for this heat. It makes getting dressed easier. I mean, I get all sweaty putting on jeans then a T-shirt and then shoes and who knows what else.

I don't really dark or heavy fabric maxi dress because that seems to be besides the point. Maxi dresses are summery and boho. And to me that means flowy, light materials, floral and bright spring colours like lime and pastel pink, something that will l go great with strappy sandals, beaded bangles, messy braids and over sized sunnies. But I do, however, really like this dress. And I've been dying for slipper cut loafers and these gold ones spoke to me in a dream.
OK, I just really like shiny things.

Happy February, everyone
xx Khenzo xx

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