Monday, 3 March 2014

#RAPTURE 2014 : Shady Made Me

So many feels in this here post. So many feels in this here girl. So many feels in this here soul.

I'm pretty sure the rest of my life's downhill from here since I know I was born to go to an Eminem concert, ruin my larynx shouting his praise and crying my weight in tears. I've reached my life goal. I mean, I looked up to the same sky as him and breathed the same air as him and it was just all so cerebral.

It's so hard to wrap your head around the fact that someone you've idolised for so long and have only ever seen through TV and computer screens, someone who made you realise what music really is and what music could be, to see this person live. As an animate object. As a real thing. Someone you can touch and hear and can hear you and sees you. And no matter how long you spend imagining it and picturing it and creating it in your mind, it is never as great as it will be in real life.
And that's the greatest thing about it all: it's real.
One of the superbly magical moments of the night was when Eminem's opening act, Action Bronson (who tours with him) came into the crowd and took selfies with me and my friend, Josh. Like, that shit doesn't happen in real life, right? But it did. It was all tangible and there. And I feel like Action Bronson touching me was virtually the same as Eminem touching me which is virtually the same as nirvana.
I know, I know: I am such a fan girl Stan.
 I went with my best, Josh, who is like the coolest kid in all of Joburg (maybe even the world) with the best shit. I mean, he was the best dressed guy there.
I wore my Bianca Kim Lumpy Space Princess swim/bodysuit (that I raved about here), high waisted galazy print short-shorts also from Bianca Kim with my new obsession, this great vintage jacket I got from the online store, Better Half Clothing. And who am I without mismatched socks and my navy creepers from Turkey.
From what I remember Josh was wearing Doc Martens (the real kind, you guys), Topshop jeans and his awe-inspiring Tupac is from Bank in London.

Then Sunday we had a Tumblr moment with tea, chocolate cookies and in-bed movies while it rained. I've finally seen Kill Bill and understand Lady Gaga and Beyonce's Pussy Wagon thing, why I've always loved Lucy Liu and that assassins are the best things ever. We also rewatched Grease and I want John Trovolta's thighs and the Pink Ladies' wardrobes - especially Rizzo's and Marty's.

Image source (beautiful Marshall on stage)
Also, sorry about the bad quality of the photos. I didn't think to bring my SLR to take proper outfit photos.
Khenzo xx


  1. you look so good! and josh. glad you had a good time, it looked great! xxxx

  2. Omg i hope this is how things will be for me when i see Iggy Azalea in May! Omg eminem rules, your outfit is so on point so is your friend's. (LSP 4eva!). Im glad you watched Kill Bill its a movie everyone needs to watch before they die. Sounds fun.

    1. You're seeing Iggy Azelea? Oh, fadddeerrrr! Kill Bill is so much of amazing. x

  3. I'm so jealous, he didn't come to Durbs. I am glad you had a great time though :)

  4. awesome!! I'm a huuuuuge fan as well, hope he will come to the netherlands soon!
    nice pics, cool that you've had a great time.

    greetz romy,


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