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5 Cool Things on the Internet Right Now

I've spent a lot of time on this here Internet and wanted to share some things. I doubt I'll do this regularly because that would mean this would become a Things Khensani Found on the Internet blog because there is so much shit I find every day. Also, my mom could possibly find out my browser history and I cannot explain why I've been Googling notorious serial killers (you have that conversation once, you never want to again).
Kendall jenner front row anna wintour Kendall Jenner: Fashions Newest It Girl
1. Kendall Jenner: Fashion's Newest It Girl | It's Fashionating
This is the first of many a article I'll be writing for It's Fashionating and it's on my fave, Kendall Jenner. My very first blog post was on her as well. It's been really interesting to see how her career's panning out and I'm really impressed, and rather sheepish, that she's going to be the first Kardashian-Jenner famous for something, like, legitimate. 
It's been this recurring gag (and series of funny memes) (and hilarious tweets like my, "Leonardo DiCaprio: always a bridesmaid, never a bride.") that no matter how well Leo D does he never wins an Oscar. And despite everyone's outrage this year that he didn't score Best Actor for Wolf of Wall Street (a great film that everyone needs to see), I'd accepted it as one of those things. The same way Kris Jenner will never turn down a new season of KUWTK or how Art teachers are always crazy: you didn't understand why, but you knew it just happened. 
Anyway, this article explored a new concept I've never considered but totally understand now. "Cool guys don't win Oscars."
I've been paying a lot more attention to the Fall 2014 runways as of late what with  Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Jo'burg at the end of the month and South African Fashion Week next month. A big part of why I love fashion shows is because of the cosmopolitan atmosphere, where cultured and travelled people come together to see the realisation of someone's mind and hand. Or something as artsy fartsy as that.
It's great when a designer puts a thoughtful, creative and boundary pushing collection out and launches the careers of pretty faces but I think it's another thing, where in a designer takes her/his audience into consideration and gives them a Show. And that's exactly what Karl Lagerfeld did yesterday. Oh, if only I could've been there. I would have stolen appropriated twenty bottles of Eau de Chanel.
OK, [insert asshole statement] #oldiebutagoodie. I love when Tavi [Gevinson] gets the time to actually sit down and write what is practically a love letter to all us Rookie readers. This is my favourite thing ever and the other day when I was on a caffeine high and catching up on all my Maths homework (it was a month of dilly dallying) I found the printed version I keep forgetting to put in my journal. I just love this because it fits so perfectly into my life like right now. And I remember being at a friend's house, beginning of the year and his mom asking me about university applications which are two minutes away and it hit me like a ton of bricks: it's all real.

5. Lupita Nyong'o's Speech at Essence's 7th Annual Black Women in Hollywood
OK, I haven't even seen 12 Years A Slave (yet) but I'm also very obsessed with Lupita (Foyin's post about her as well) and how well she fits into #CareFreeBlackGirl2k14. She is such a gem and I loved this speech she gave at Essence's Black Women in Hollywood Celebration. This hit rather close to home and I want to immortalise something her mother told her; "You can't eat beauty, it doesn't feed you."
I do wish reporters and award show hosts/presenters would take the time out to learn how to pronounce her name. I've heard Nee-yongo, Ne-wongo and Nae-yongo. I also wish that people would stop reducing her beauty to just the fact that she has dark skin. I understand that a dark skinned beauty icon is quite the paradigm to what's been praised and I guess it shows how truly institutionalised we've become that it's such a revolution in itself, that no other black women in Hollywood are riding the Jennifer Lawrence-esque wave that she is now.
Can we also take a minute to bow down (H-town bitches) to her sartorial choices? Here's a collection of her best looks.

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