Tuesday, 11 March 2014

[Outfit Post] I'ma Be My Own Best Friend

hipster black girl denim pinafore zebra print top
mr price denim pinafore fisherman sandals zebra print tophipster alternative black girl
I took myself out on Sunday afternoon to Rosebank for lunch and to check out The Lot - which has finally arrived in Jo'burg (I've blogged my obsession before here). Despite the fact that I had a shit load of work to get through and absolutely no time, I figure that little dates with myself are really important. Also: no one else will hang out with me, so I'll hang out with me.
That sounds kind of sad in text but I promise it's not. (She typed through liquid-eyeliner tinted tears and a fifth slice of Ciabatta.)

It was a really great oppurtunity to carb load, drink hot chocolate, complain about the rain (it's literally rained poured everyday since, like, last Friday) and people watch.
There was a little gang of twenty-something girls having sundowners - except, it was like two pm so, what, nooners? A girl was out with her dad for lunch and she spent the whole time begging for a new laptop. I watched the most handsome couple ever whisper sweet nothings to each other by the escalators. I also watched a little girl watch me eating fries with Parmesan.
cream fisherman sandals
I wore my zebra print top that I found in Istanbul, a denim pinafor and fisherman sandals from Mr Price. I felt rather hipster actually.
I've been missing some of my friends not-from-school a lot recently who I haven't seen all year. I was going through some old photos and found these of Kelicia last year after we went to SA Fashion Week. We're also going to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in two weeks and hopefully we'll have a sappy, Valencia girly time filled with shits and giggles.
girl walking up steps nelson mandela square
pretty girls box braids
kelicia magerman box braids striped blouse
Khenzo xx


  1. Love those sandals! Hey dates with yourself can be totally self discovering and legendary. Fashion week, that's so exciting! xo


  2. Same - I hang out by myself all the time. Other people think it's sad, but it's totally not.
    Also, I love that top and shoe combination! The patterns look almost identical.

    1. It really isn't. I think it's sad to not be able to hang out by yourself.
      And thank you - I thought so too!

  3. It is always great spending some time with yourself. I do it every now and I again and I always get that awesome feeling after.


  4. Stunning outfit! x


  5. youre so beautiful gawd <3 like lolz dont mean that in a creepy way haha

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. You look great! And yeah sometimes solitude is bliss... like the Tame Impala song. :)



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